Episode 1 Tuesday 23rd June 2015 Visit the show's website

A water feature that will always mean so much to one special family!

We were approached by Spun Gold, a TV production company and asked to provide a water feature as a ‘focal point’ for the garden make over programme ‘ Love your garden’ hosted by Alan Titchmarsh as they attempt to provide a wonderful garden for a young widow Nina and her very young family as they cope with the tragic death of her husband Gareth from cancer.

As the garden was dedicated to Gareth as a memorial space, water was a key element to give the space a tranquil and reflective feel. The only problem is the garden is small and Nina has three young children, which meant we could not put in a traditional pond or a water feature that took up too much ground space, the feature was to be 2 metres high by 3 metres long and clad in stone. So once again the vertical plane came into play.

Due to the weight of the stone, we had to fabricate a carcass in the workshop to clad on site. The carcass was treated on every surface with a new chemical which makes it impervious to water and delivered in time for filming.Once manhandled into the garden, the feature was levelled and fixed to the garden wall on site, the stone cladding was fixed into position, again using a totally new chemical fixing method.

Images of the finished water feature: